Lauris Vorslavs

Clausthome is a group of musicians and artists who try to analyse several new directions of the music subculture, while experimenting and participating in the field.

Different tendencies of music that develop along with the growth of digital and analogue technologies are deeply conceptual and do not have a goal to adapt to the environment of general music.

[dark ambient<->the land of silence]
It is possible to analyse and look for the meaning in 'dark ambient', or so called 'deep hidden electronic' style music over and over - since to characterise it would only be to describe it in words - the fruit of the subconscious, the invisible surrounding environment, etc. This is a dogmatic tendency, at times dangerous in reaching its psychological goal.
It is mainly based on the surrealism of the low frequencies, endings with conceptual lack of preciseness, atmospheric falsification in the minimalism of rhythmic cycles...,
especially through the us of the natural environment of tonal frequencies, manipulations with electro-acoustics, electromagnetic radio (background), signal generators, voice processors, etc.

[methaphor for noise]
Fundamental 'noise' (japanoise, harshnoise, powernoise) style is the total opposite of 'dark ambient', which, if misunderstood, often gets compared to the specific 'outsiderism' or technological fetish. Mostly this musical style is based on a widened +dB construction with 'isolation' characteristic only to 'noise' and delicately mysterious 'unnerving' approach. 'Rhythm noise' is base on two environments: 'techno' and 'tribal', which basically is the mix of 'distortion technoid' rhythm structure, electronic reversible links and structural chaos.

At the beginning our work mainly followed in the footsteps of 'dark ambient/industrial' style, until we met and got the chance to work with a 'noise' artist from Japan - for the base of her work she used radio
(ether): in her performances she created a unique 'ambient noise' through (in ways known only to herself) connecting to 'off-limits' secure radio satellites and working on the fresh information in the real time.
In every seeming chaos there exists rhythm or form of a cycle that is possible to enhance, edit, and/or create sound samples, rhythm and loops through manipulations of 'tempo' and 'freg' filters... That captured our interest.

Within clausthome most of all we work with 'electronic space - dark ambient' and 'technoise' or 'drum&noise' that is based on 'tribal' style synthesis.
We use radio (ether) structure, data gathered by radio telescopes and archives of universe research data servers. All this information, processed through sound alteration programs is then used as the starting point and base for future materials, when in live performances through mixing and synthesising we create sound environment.