3. International offline@online Media Art Festival
Parnu, Estonia


24.-25. November 2000

Intimate technology is a theme that tries to deal with intimate, personal and private levels of technology.

"dig_in_time" is an agitation to deepen / to dig in to time and presence either associated with technology or personal dimensions including digital meanings. In_time is also understood in the meanings of intime (Fr), intimate (Eng).

The main purpose of the festival is to support the generation who knowingly and creatively use new media. As well as to build onward international network of art and introduce Estonia as part of the environment for discussion.

We live in postglobal and posthierarchical world. As to no importance is paid where you act, but what do you act with. This quotes the being-centered-position. The same goes to the quality of works. Beyond doubt is media art in terms of weight much more lightweighted and in terms of accomplishment much more cheaper international form of art. But the most penetrating in terms of distribution and broadcasting.

* Themes:
/// net.body /// digital body /// scratched /// ///parasite gallery /// early (until96) and history ///
/// love, sexuality and body in media art /// cyberfeminism ///
/// interactive narratives and personal dimensions of cyber mediums /// Body Folder ///
/// net.poetry and net.flesh /// dead media ///

* Contents of the festival:
Presentations of, CD-ROMs, videos, short films; lectures and artist presentations.

* Curators: Tiia Johannson, Katrin Kivimaa, Raivo Kelomees.

* The festival is announced by entry calls.
Deadline: October 29th, 2000
Send e-mail and data on address:

* Postal address:
Raivo Kelomees
Box 2663
Tallinn, 13802

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