[ beginners guide]

*. to receive or to create live-stream, you need:

- computer with a sound card
- connection to the internet (at least 28.8K for receiving; ISDN or grater for streaming)
- software for playing or streaming
- access to the streaming server

*. most common streaming media (audio, video) formats:

1. REAL MEDIA (audio; video)
- free basic server and tools (hard to find in website)

-how to start - DIY guide and FAQ: (step by step how to start

-tools available at:,srvrbsc_081800 (products quickfind) (free 25-stream real server basic) (free real producer/encoder)

2. ICECAST, Mpeg (audio)
- mpeg based broadcasting technology
- open source system, free tools

- how to start:
- tools available at:

* SHOUTCAST, MP3 (audio)
- winamp based streaming system
- free server and tools

how to start:
tools available at:

!!! MP3
Before you start using MP3 format for your, go and introduce yourself with new MP3 policies at:
We do not charge royalties for mp3 streaming or mp3 broadcasting (e.g. Internet Radio) until the end of the year 2000. Beyond this date we anticipate to charge a small annual minimum and a percentage of revenue. However, this model is not yet fully developed because we cannot yet oversee where this new market is going.

* QUICKTIME (audio; video)
- commercial tools
- free server

how to start:
tools available at:

- free tools
- information overflow in the website

- tools available at:

* OOG VORBIS (audio)
- new open source audio format
- tools are under development

*** ...