(Conceptually Inaccurate & Rhythmic Minimalism & Sound Graffiti)
performance by CLAUSTHOME (sound) and F5 (VJs)

Sound Graffiti is an audio-visual performance with computer and synthesiser generated sounds, mixed with scanned noises of long wave radio and satellites, looped via Internet using real audio. The visual part contains real video sources available on the net mixed live with digital video and animations created by F5 & vj nei.
3 PC computers, Internet connection, sound equipment, audio mixer, video mixer, 2 VHS players, video-data projector.

F5 (digital video artists label) and Clausthome (noise and electronic musicians) are artists' groups based in Riga, which are experimenting with the sources available in electro-acoustic, computer and cyber environments, using them for creating their sound and visual performances by mixing, looping and playing with the feedback mechanism.

F5 Vjs and Clausthome musicians have been collaborating since 1999 and they have performed in the ArtGenda Biennale in Helsinki (May 2000), at the opening of the Art+Communication festival in Riga (August 2000), and at a performance night during the Net.Congestion festival in Amsterdam (October 2000).

F5 and Clausthome also regularly participate in live real audio/video sessions at OZONE, E-Lab, Riga. Some of their streaming audio and video sessions are available at:

Martins Ratniks/F5 (
Lauris Vorslavs/Clausthome (


META-STREAM is hybrid streaming project - on-line performance, developed by E-LAB and OZONE in Riga in collaboration with OP! (live web-page editing), Clausthome (live real audio sound) and F5 (live video mix).

During the live events, the E-LAB team (either rometly or on-site) streams and mixes live video, audio and textual content on the net. The communication channel - IRC Chat ( is available for 'visitors' in real (or virtual) space to 'talk' to people participating in the project. Most exiting part of the project is live web-page editing, which during the performance is administrated by OP! (Oskars Poikans) and others, by changing the parametrs of the web-page, editing them directly on the server. This part presently is being developed towards the interactive web-interface, within which visitors will be able to 'administrate' live meta-stream by themselves.

META STREAM has been performed (remotely from Riga) at the Baltic Art Exhibition opening in London, at Milch gallery; for AFTERADIO project "LA RADIO NELLA RETE" in Bologna, Italy. The project also has been presented in Amsterdam, at the net.congestion festival, during the night (hosted by Xchange).