Audio by-product of Mute magazine

Kate Rich

Fallout came into being in 1999. An online audio location with broad technocultural interests, Fallout collects anthropological recordings of living conditions in the Information Age. It's mission is to preserve with naturesoundrecording accuracy the accents, language errors, mousepad squeaks, and technical artefacts of our natural environments -- often missing from online theory or printed text.

The programme has been archived in a series of 1-hour RealAudio modules on London dance music site Gaialive The Fallout archive to date contains cultural commentaries from voicechip-implanted toys, amateur ornithologists, highlights from the 1999 UK eclipse, mayoral rantings, and studies of military Landscape, Speedgarage & artist-run Space from a home-made, yet highly technologised, listening position. Fallout processing style could be described as information media via dj technique.

Future model: 24h Fallout. Local paper for the paperless technoworker.

A 24-hour Fallout channel is currently in development. It's an experiment in networked audio-information service. Office-friendly, the Fallout channel will provide sustainable audio-ambient listening plus essential local information for immediate use. It's designed to run on a U-phone-in editorial interface, to allow mobile phone uploads of home-ambience, networked news or constructed opinion from zones world-wide -- direct to the Fallout live stream. Technical services will potentially extend to automated .rm shoutouts, event & action announcements, and open schedule space for live events.

Fallout channel is using the automated scheduler technology of the World Service Scheduler (see, and voicemail upload techniques still in development. Future service information, the emailing list and the Fallout Archive are located at