In 1999 and 2000 KUNSTRADIO continued its tradition of producing international on air - on line - on site projects.

+ devolve into
by Peter Courtemanche mit Shawn Chapelle, Joelle Ciona and Lori Weidenhammer.
active since oct 1st 2000 - open end.

The pilot for a much bigger collaborative streaming project investigating the relationship of sound + visuals and the issue of digital s"what happens when something is digitized and then transferred many times through different processes of compression and alteration? What is the process of digital decay? Can we maintain a sense of history, of precedence within an electronic realm?"

+ devolve into is part of the WIENCOUVER 2000 series, an ongoing collaboration between Kunstradio, Wien, Western Front and FirstFloor Eastside, Vancouver. WIENCOUVER refers back to some early telecommunication projects from 1979 to 1983 with the same title.


WIENCOUVER 2000 so far contained such diverse collaborative projects as two Art's Birthday parties, Jon Rose's RELATIVE VIOLIN festival, live contributions to the weekly Kunstradio on air program with strong on line elements or projects put on line as MP3 files in Vancouver or Winnipeg and then transferred directly into the weekly Kunstradio program on the Austrian National Public Radio's cultural channel.


A very unusual interdependent, temporary system of 16 international remote sub-projects which used a wide range of methods and approaches to the generation and processing of sounds and images to form a continuous (9 days nonstop) on line - on site - on air sound installation on the occasion of ARS ELECTRONICA 99. The installation had several very different on site versions in Europe and Australia and was also rendered into an 8 hour radio-installation (Austria) and a 5 day non stop radio-sculpture (Weimar, Germany). More than 50 artists were involved in this project.

A print publication with an introductory text, reports and images from 15 locations in :
Australia, Europe and North America and 2 audio CDs has been published by TRITON Verlag, 2000.


This 12 hour international live collaboration which was initiated by radio- and telecommunication-art pioneer Hank Bull (Vancouver, CAN) was a homage to Kurt Schwitters and used his "Ursonate" as a leitmotif. Among the over 40 participants were such wellknown interpreters of the "Ursonate" as Christopher Butterfield (in Vancouver) and Gerhard Ruehm (in Vienna). An on site-on line technollage party in Vancouver preceded the event (FirstFloor Eastside) and after intensive sometimes simultaneous streaming in MP3 and Real Audio from many locations, it ended with a telefone performance by Hartmut Geerken (another pioneer) from his house in Bavaria. A double CD with excerpts from the streams is available in November 2000.

+ OTHER VOICES - ECHOES FROM A WARZONE by Gordan Paunovic was a live on air-on line project which featured material from the Internet including a live Real Audio stream from Belgrade during the NATO bombardment of the city.
OTHER VOICES is also available in a CD version. The CD presentation with guests Veran Matic, Jasmina Tesanovic, Ivan Ivanij, Gerfried Stocker and of course Gordan Paunovic was also streamed.

+ REPLAY Since spring 2000 KUNSTRADIO ON LINE features a documentation of international Sound- and Radio-Art from the 70s. The documentation also contains images and sounds. It was put together as the on line representation of the audio-part of the exhibition REPLAY - the beginnings of international media-art in Austria which took place at the Generali Foundation, Vienna.

+ The projects mentioned above underline that many artists bringing their project-proposals to Kunstradio are very interested in further exploring the issues raised by on line-on site- on air collaborations, one of them being the attempt to connect the different time frames of broadcast radio, on site exhibitions/performances and the potentially endless possibilities of streaming.
The differences between scheduled live streams, on demand files (documentations of broadcast radio programs) and the nonstop availability (regardless of time zones) of live projects lasting for several days or even weeks, led to the introduction of generative systems, a development which in turn emphasizes aspects of control-sharing between humans and machines. The question of (live) sound + visuals (and text) is turning into a more and more urgent issue as streaming/compression technologies improve.
Another challenge is the presentation, the rendering of streaming projects in on site situations. The ambition of some on site-versions of the above mentioned projects was to create a "visualisation of what is otherwise inaccessible to perception and is difficult to imagine" (Margret Morse). In February 2000 Kunstradio organised a small workshop, in which artists discussed the basic parameters of their work between the constantly remediated traditional radio-medium and a system of networked computers which according to Friedrich Kittler "devour all other media". The artists conceived of radio "as a flow", as a "multi-channelling experience" (as opposed to the much hyped multimedia) and created the slogan " processing not producting".
"We are not dealing with 'Multi Media'.. the point is a multi channel reality, in which the individual channels can function interrelatedly. The user has the choice to connect the different channels. This, of course, means that each of the different channels has to - at least marginally - have the capacity to be linked" (Andrea Sodomka).
Together with the loss of control over one's input - which has been postulated in an earlier RadioArt Manifesto, -, these parameters try to delineate the hybrid production context of radio art today

KUNSTRADIO ON LINE (founded in 1995) has so far made a special effort to document on line-on site-on air projects while they are still unfolding. As more and more documentations of this genre accumulate - together with the documentation of individual radio-programs, events, symposia etc, - a quite coherent history starts to emerge - dating back to radio and soundart in the 70s and to the early projects of telecommunication art which also used different channels (FAX, Computer Communications, SSTV, sound) - each of them needing a dedicated telephone line and different peripherals to the telephone.

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