The Warehouse (Lagerhuset) is a new artistic and journalistic centre in the heart of Gothenburg. Here you can find collective digital workshops and Sweden's leading Cultural Journals working together with publishers and art galleries. You can find Internet servers for culture; distribution and administration services are offered as well. We also carry out a two year project leader education program aimed at culture and IT. The Warehouse accommodates the infrastructure which is the basis for independent journalistic and artistic activity. A place and an idea, both tradition and development.

The Digital Picture Workshop provides photographers, illustrators, artists, writers and journal editors access to equipment for the production of digital pictures. The workshop is meant for the members to work on non-commercial projects.

The Digital Video studio works as an editing resource and educator for artists and cultural associations who want to work with digital video.

The Journal Workshop collects about thirty cultural journals. Here you can find access to digital workstations, education and supervision -- everything which is required for independent journalistic work.

The Web workshop includes equipment and space to do web and multimedia production. Members receive supervision and access to a reference library and the chance to use a web server and digital infrastructure.

The Net workshop provides the cultural practitioner access to information technology and its possibilities, offers an Internet connection, web hotel, and education in publication techniques. The net workshop develops tailor-made Internet and database solutions.

The Net workshop Financial services offers cultural organisations, individual artists, and temporary projects economical and administrative package solutions. NetFs manages subscriptions and sales commission for a large number of Swedish cultural journals.

The Culture workshop is a two-year project leader education program aimed at culture and IT, which focuses on democracy, knowledge and information, globalisation, the future of work, economy, computer and project management, among other things. Knowledge is tested during twenty-seven practical weeks in both Sweden and abroad.

glänta, a journal and publishing house, has recently been occupied with the following subjects: the documentary, literary criticism, modern philosophies, the claims of art, and divine grammar. glänta also runs the Philosophy Bar in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Ord&Bild (Word and Picture) has been published since 1892 and it's Sweden's oldest and most traditionally enriched cultural journal. Here you can read the profound essays and the probing analysis of the most important questions of our time. Ord&Bild investigates every aspect of "culture" and then questions those aspects.

Paletten is Sweden's oldest art journal. Guest editors are invited to contribute most often thematically, but always with curiosity and decisive formulated content. Besides articles about current art exhibitions, interviews etc, Paletten also contains gallery and publishing house activities.

The Publication House


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