Announced on 25th August in Riga at the international conference "Art+Communication". Authors and source of inspiration: context of mailing list "Latera", Anu Juurak, Al Paldrok, Peeter Linnap, Laur Tiidemann, Tiia Johannson, Raivo Kelomees.

media swap meet

- Mediaswamp is a non-local (non-institutionalized) Estonian initiative, (transitory) action for media art and culture, for sharing knowledge and experience in art.
- With that INITIATIVE we are trying to ask: HOW WILL THINGS WORK IN REALITY? DO THEY START WORK IN A PLANNED WAY? Is there need for planning of anything at all?
- Here is an urgent need for collaboration and uniting activity. There should be a way to find how much could be done with our own efforts. It means not using institutional support directly and not being dependant on them.
- This initiative means that there is no need for localization. If something is stable, then: website, mailing list, addresses, certain names and organizations which are connected with INITIATIVE at a certain MOMENT. Time
is passing, the moment will change.
- MEETING PLACES: different places or non-places, institutions, organizations and non-defined bodies and spaces. The Modern Art Museum in Parnu, the Tartu Art School, the Academia Non Grata, and the Estonian Academy of Arts. It depends upon agreements and consensus. Concerning places and spaces, we are open; the most important concept is SHARING AND EXCHANGING OF IDEAS AND INFORMATION. Nothing should be frozen.
- FORMS OF MEETINGS AND COLLABORATION: mini-festivals on weekends, workshops, lectures, visitors, and exhibitions. We know that this field is on the margin of popular culture, we can't count on a large public. Let's face reality: this audience is small and mostly dedicated people.
- FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: 1 or 2 times in month.
- The attention is on INITIATIVE, not a place, not a center, not an institution, not a city. Mediaswamp means PEOPLE and NEEDS. Those who work and live with media art starting from video, net, and finishing with writing. Needs: to share information, skills, knowledge, contacts, recommendations.
- ACTIVITY FIELDS: installation, performance, video, CD-ROM, net, text, photography, and digital photography.
- CHARACTERISTICS: fluid, unstable, and changing because life is changing.

Raivo Kelomees