The NoD Media Lab is a physical and virtual space in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic that will provide access, training, education and advancement in the field of New Media.
The advent of the Internet and digital technology has created an entirely new dimension of possibilities to explore and utilise. Never before has culture, society and communication been so closely interwoven. It is vitally important to create a platform which can provide a relevant exchange of ideas, experiences and innovation during this dynamic period of change and development.
This is a long-term project committed to introducing the Czech community to New Media and exploring it's cultural, technical, social and vocational possibilities.

Despite Prague's internationally renowned cultural reputation, New Media has made little impact on the city in the last ten years. There have been very few exhibitions in the city's galleries and there are no effective grassroots organisations, which are addressing the needs of the community. As all the European cities continue to support and encourage New Media, Prague is substantially failing to do so and risks being left far behind on the cultural map. NoD Media lab recently joined the NICE network and is looking forward to starting it's programme in December 2000

The objectives of the NoD Media Lab are:
- to explore new digital and creative domains and produce a map of the territory;
- to place New Media in a relevant tactical context, creating an interaction between technology, culture, politics, theory, and society;
- to provide access and education for artists, students and the community.

The activities of the Media Lab will include:
- presentations and workshops by visiting and resident artists;
- a practical, ongoing programme of workshops, access and education;
- the facilitating of projects, conferences and seminars;
- a multi-media archive;
- networking and communication with artists and organisations world-wide.

The NoD Media Lab,
Universal Space No D, Dlouha 33, Praha 110 00, Czech Republic.
NoD Media Lab is located in the Universal Space No D. - a multi-media space(800m2) which includes a theatre, cinema, exhibition space and cafe.

Danny Holman
Sharka Halastova