Peter Notari

Short intro

ParaRadio's last update was in the second issue of the Acoustic Space magazine, and since then a whole lot of events and changes have occurred.
For those - unfortunate enough - who do not know what ParaRadio is, just a quick recap.
It is a radio station from Budapest, Hungary, the heart of Europe, broadcasting in RealAudio on the Internet. The main cornerstones are Culture, Lifestyle and Technology. Any further details on our early days can be found in Acoustic Space Issue 2 on page 124.

Content vs. Time limits

The amount of time streaming around this time last year, was particularly less than it is now. The expansion of days, shows and contributors was quick and wide ranging indeed.
Firstly the Monday spot was filled with the heaviest and worst nightmares of all children. Metal in Heaven & Hell, dark, gothic, neofolk in and Equilibrium, and industrial in ParaSonic are the key words for the opening day of the week. Also included is a show that deals with Hungarian alternative stuff.

Having the first part of the week loaded, the work on the Thursday and Friday started straight away. Rap and hip hop has been here and there from the very start but now they got a whole 90 minutes in prime time on Thursdays from 8.30 pm. Before them the crazy and the devoted can check what is happening in extreme sports, from skydiving to surfing and bungee-jumping, the place to look for is RemAktiv. Real devotion is the show following, Star wars is what the title suggests. Grown men from the Official Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club are presenting the latest developments in the saga and also give you an inside look of the trilogy's web presence. Late Thursday evenings are dominated by Aafro and Diziek, whose show Project Mayhem is one of the heaviest hitting things, loaded with drum n bass and nu skool, and features a constant flow of guests and DJs.

Friday was a heavier load to fill, but after the festive season of the last (?) year of the millennium, we got round to the task and started the fifth broadcast day, Friday, at the end of February 2000. With this, for the time being, the main goal of getting a weekly schedule, that has the desired variety and quality, had been achieved. Friday starts with the KULT, where the 2 maniacs talk, laugh, chat with and about the cult things that surround all that mystical stuff on the Web. If post rock and lo-fi is your cup of tea, then missing haloszoba from 7 pm is a huge mistake. The 3 programmers are taking their turns weekly and thus creating a cycle, in which you always get the quality, but still receive some sort of individuality as well. By this time you may have realized that the talk is mainly Hungarian on ParaRadio, but here is your chance to catch up with the things happening in Budapest and even understand what is being said. Global Collective includes English, New Zealander and Hungarians too, but they all speak the universal English language and with great music, it is sure that you will get in the mood on Friday evenings. Closing the week is ParaDigma, chats about the environment, globalization, lifestyle and all that goes with it. Deep thoughts for a relaxed weekend.

Special Projects

Besides the hectic weekly schedule, some special projects do appear from us, from time to time, as allowed by our motivation and power to breath after hours of work.
X-Peripheria was an event in June 2000 in Budapest, which was the first in a - hopefully annual - line of events. Showcasing the local talents in experimental electronic music and visuals, it included star guests, namely Pita and Hecker from Vienna label, Mego, as well as PanSonic from Finland, who are one of the pioneers of the whole scene. Amazing sound sculptures and visuals at unbelievable volumes are the short description of the evening's happenings. Nearly 500 people made the event worthwhile, though on the money front there was a loss, but that came in on the moral side of things.
Next year seems promising already, with people volunteering in numbers to take part and to perform. Watch out for information on our page on this year's event and check here
Another important project we have just been finishing is a remix competition organized together with Heaven Street Seven, a successful Hungarian pop group. One of their songs has been chosen, and the wav files of the track had been made available to download to remix without any restrictions whatsoever. 22 mixes came in on CD, and they are now all on the site in RealAudio, where people can listen to them and then vote for their favourite one. The end result is going to be a CD single released close to the end of this year, which will include the most popular mixes, according to the public, to the group and also to the radio. It is most likely that the mixes not included in audio will also be available in MP3 on the CD.

The Future

In coming months there are still a lot of new things happening. Obviously the new site will be the most striking whenever we get round to it and finally finish that huge project. The new look will also be much more user friendly and easier to navigate but hopefully will not give itself away too easily either.
Other new bits and pieces are the forum, the web based IRC chats and the search engine that will be included with the new site. This will - in our hopes - elevate the so much desired interactivity to a higher level and will make sure that the listeners have an even bigger and quicker say in the content of our shows.
Don't forget you can already reach us on #para on IRC as well as in mail at Let us know what you think, we are more than eager to hear from you.