Radio90 - Cellular Pirate Radio

Residency Program

Radio 90 would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to take up residency at the Radio90
Studio located in Banff, Alberta Canada. Facilities include:
-10 watt stereo FM transmitter, which broadcasts to approximately 10,000 people in the local region on 89.9fm.
-internet access via a T2 connection
-4 channel mixing board
-2 PowerPC Macintosh computers
-2 standard dj turntables
-1 cassette deck
-1 compact disc player
-1 voice microphone
-8 port hub
-autonomous studio space
-sleeping accommodation
-standard office supplies
-access to photocopier, fax, courier, regular post mail
-limited technical support

If you are interested in taking up a residency at the studio please send us an email at
Or you can contact a canadian telephone operator and call us collect (reverse charge) at 1 403 762 6309.