(statement of intent)

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio is a research project developed through the Aboriginal Arts Program, which aims to create a working model geared towards hosting of the Aboriginal Audio Streaming Workshop in April 2001. Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio currently uses audio streaming technologies via the Internet and incorporates an automatic net scheduler allowing for controlled programming using existing Aboriginal content. Once a studio is in place, Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio will facilitate unique programming, which will be available to interested Aboriginal Artists, creating content from the heart of Sleeping Buffalo Mountain.

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio will enable Aboriginal communities to share local and regional issues, as well as national and international news, cultural affairs, music, arts and entertainment. It will also serve as a tool to promote and perpetuate languages and culture through exchange and education.

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio is a crucial aspect in the development of this research project is the importance of ensuring training programs utilizing the new technologies . This newly acquired knowledge will enhance the principles of self-government and self-determination, creating a fertile environment for Aboriginal artists, cultural organizations, community-based businesses and emerging community radio stations.

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio aims to connect and link local communities and constituencies with the work and expressions of their counterparts in other parts of North America and around the world.

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio aims to provide Aboriginal communities with the opportunity to hear a wide range of differing cultural expressions and thereby encourage communication, solidarity and cooperation between and among culturally diverse communities and constituencies.

Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio was inspired by the Association of Indigenous Radio (AIR) a group of First Nation community radio stations in southern Ontario.