SOLIDROCKETBOOSTERS is a live mix of highly explosive 3D videoloops, real time image synthesis and terrorizes your ears with some of the finest hardcore techno around.

feat. VJ's Arno Coenen, Rene Bosma, Floppyrobby and DJ DIONE (all from
Arno Coenen and Rene Bosma are two artists that use the computer as their main tool. VJ-ing enables them to experiment and edit live with selfmade 3D animations and videos.
The sound of the DJ adds regulated effects to the image and generates real time 2 and 3D image synthesis out of a Personal Computer (hacked and programmed by Floppyrobby). Dione is a representative of the original dutch hardcore scene and has his own weekly radioprogram called 'HAKKUH'.

From: "Rene Bosma"
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000

For the first time SOLIDROCKETBOOSTERS can be experienced under the cold northern skies of Finland, Estonia and Letvia in the coming weeks.

Some dates and places:
11-02-2000 Alien Intelligence / Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
13-02-2000 Krahl Theatre / Tallinn, Estonia
17-02-2000 Klub Metro / Riga, Latvia

Besides the SOLIDROCKETBOOSTERS performance Arno Coenen and Rene Bosma show their work; Output: 62.500 materialized pixels (1998) at the Alien Intelligence Exhibition that runs from: February 11 to May 28, 2000, in Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.
More info on the exhibition: