From: Fee Plumley

What is Superchannel?
Superchannel is a tool that transforms the everyday home computer into an online television studio, broadcasting live to the world. A simultaneous chat function invites interaction from an online audience where questions and comments can be fed directly into the broadcast. The Superchannel is a network of people that uses streaming media to strengthen and create social connections by redefining the broadcaster / viewer relationship.

The Superchannel presents a unique opportunity for the empowerment of the individual or community group, where even the viewer has the ability to not only decide on subject matter, but also change the way it is presented.
Through use of the Superchannel as a communications tool, the role of the audience is transformed from passive viewer to active user. The content of the Superchannel is made by people like you.

The Superchannel wishes to discuss and change present structures within media. Conventional media such as radio and TV are the formats through which information is being exchanged and shared narratives are being created. The Superchannel intends to start a discussion around new formats of media and their possible influence on and use by society.

How are FACT involved?
The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), has over a decade of experience in the exhibition, support and development of artist's film, video and new media projects in the UK.

Since 1989 the Collaboration Programme, central to FACT's operation, has created opportunities for artists and cultural producers to develop new work, and new ways of working, within a professionally supportive environment. It offers the challenge of a real social context, and a process that pushes forward debate around the role of the artist.

The Collaboration Programme encourages artists to investigate the creative possibilities offered by collaborative practice and emerging technologies, and in particular, the collaborative potential of new media to develop communication networks dialogues and discussions.

Who made it happen?
Superchannel was initiated by the artist group Superflex from Copenhagen and the American programmer Sean Treadway. FACT are the UK agency for the Superchannel project, currently managing the Coronation Court channel and the soon-to-launch High Rise Tenant Group channel, with plans for many more. Both these projects have been realised in partnership with the Liverpool Housing Action Trust, and the support of the Arts Council of England's New Media Projects and Arts for Everyone Scheme, Danish Contemporary Art Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust and the Millennium Festival Fund.

For more information on the Superchannel project, to request addition to the broadcast bulletins emailing list or to propose content for a broadcast, please contact Fee Plumley,
Superchannel Project Manager,
or call +44 (0) 7968 258630.

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