Tamas Szakal

CONTOUR.NET is a non-commercial net platform for digital music, net audio, video netcasts and net art focusing its work on contemporary electronic cultures. It has recently become an interface between club culture, the experimental scene and net culture and also between producers, artists and listeners. Behind the leipzig-based project there is a crew of young media artists, djs, musicians, and programmers, who produce 6-8 hours of content every week.

The users of CONTOUR.NET are mostly young people from all around the world who are interested in watching and listening to featured artists like Luke Vibert, Richie Hawtin, Carsten Nicolai, Pole, Thomas Brinkmann, Pansonic, 4 Hero and others, or visit our site to listen to sets played by local djs and musicians.
All programs are archived continuously and are available on CONTOUR.NET. During the period of activity since 1996, a wide spectrum survey of music and art has been created.
The station is very interested in program exchange with familiar initiatives, artist groups, net activists etc.