various artists and writers

ISBN 0 9523161 0 2

Edited by Iliyana Nedkova in collaboration with Catherine Williams, Mare Tralla and the cair Editorial Board

The rumours have it that in 1989, 21-year old Iliyana Nedkova stumbled into Bulgaria's Virtual Revolution. A decade on, she revisited Europe to see how the dream turned out.

Virtual Revolutions (VR) is a multi-faceted project that has crossed cultural, geographical and virtual boundaries. Starting in 1998 with a series of residencies across Europe; artists' talks and performances; online workshopping and webauthoring, it culminated in the production and publication of a CD-ROM, known as VR: ACT and READ. The publication was premiere launched within The Other Side of Zero: Video Positive 2000, Liverpool and further presented at selected media events such as Art+Communication 4 Intercultural Jamming 2000, Riga and Revelation:ISEA 2000, Paris.

The CD-ROM VR: ACT and READ therefore represents the aftermath of the cultural, technological and political revolutions that swept Europe in the 1990s, featuring over 30 artworks and a book of essays by over 50 leading pioneers of new media from and beyond Europe.

In their inimitable style the VR: ACT and READ contributors revolve around the metaphor of virtual revolutions. This is your opportunity to ACT and READ now and rebuild your own collage out of the revolutionary culture at the turn of 21st century obsessed with diversity and laxity, speed and change, infotainment and anticipation, ambiguities and disutopias, conflicts and friendships.

VR: ACT and READ is split into two zones. VR ACT is a highly selective and participatory zone of over 30 individual or collaborative mini-works by a translocal network of over 50 digital artists. These are proactive works, which open up space for playtime, reflection and critique. VR READ is a commissioned zone of critical, creative and conversational texts by over 20 theoreticians and artists. The texts will stream you towards the rapidly maturing media culture of Europe and beyond or boomerang you back to the artworks featured in the VR ACT zone.

VR: ACT and READ artists and writers include Georgi Arnaoudov, Baza, Anna Bocheva, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Andreas Broeckmann, Kooj Chuhan, Sean Cubitt, Nina Czegledy, Ricardo Dominguez, Petko Dourmana, Stephen Emmott, Charles Esche, Micz Flor, Sera Furneaux, Clive Gillman, George Gospodinov, Geert Lovink, Lev Manovich, Iliyana Nedkova, Gordana Novakovic, Taylor Nuttal, Programme 5, Susanna Paasonen, Anneke Pettican, Dimitrina Sevova, Predrag Sidjanin, Nedko Solakov, Mickela Sonola, Igor Stromajer, SuAndi, Amos Taylor, Annika Tonts, Mare Tralla, Jukka Ylitalo.

Curated by Iliyana Nedkova and commissioned by the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool

CD-ROM and branding designed by Mare Tralla

Packaging designed by Nonconform, Liverpool in collaboration with Colin Fallows, Iliyana Nedkova and Mare Tralla

Published by Audio-Visual Research Editions (AVRECD102 )

Supported by European Cultural Foundation, Open Society Institute, Kaleidoscope Programme of the EU DGX through IDEA, MITES, APEXChanges, Arts Council of England, Soros Centre for the Arts, British Council, Liverpool Art School, Liverpool John Moores University and various other institutions.

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