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From: Stefan Beck


What is noize-concept? This web-site shall give a resumée on contemporary noise music, discuss current topics, introduce artists and their music, propose ways of distribution, give hints and adresses of other noise sources and faciliates the exchange of those interested and involved in noise music.
This site needs time to grow. Be patient - or contribute.

From: Jason Sweeney


streaming media projects and live experiments from melbourne, Australia
media-player: jason sweeney>dubhustler
infos: STEREOPUBLIC is a continuation of Jason Sweeney's ongoing work in audio streaming and archiving sound/noise projects online. It draws on his work in community broadcasting, developing a space that is (predominantly) user-friendly and driven by the idea/ls of public broadcasting.


The Distorted Media is an interactive free access sound database: everybody can download and upload sounds for creative and non-commercial purpose.

From: Camille Baker


is an online Generation X relationship Web-zine/Community site aimed at the 25 -38 year-old demographic. The site targets Web-savvy, music-loving, art-film going hipsters and neo-geeks, who grew up in an age of divorce and are looking to figure out how to make love last as they start to get serious about careers, settling down, and blazing a trail into the unknown.

From: Jonathan Jay Seattle

MicroRadio.Net provides LIVE streaming internet content for distribution by community, micro, and pirate radio broadcasters. This revolutionary step forward in real time media distribution brings independent media to isolated communities, allowing collaboration and free distribution.

If you have an live internet audio site, or a radio transmitter, please join us in building this network. MicroRadio.Net provides email addresses, listserves, discussion groups, and web space to its members.

MicroRadio.Net has mobilized to bring you live coverage of the WTO in Seattle, the IMF/World Bank protests in Washington DC, the R2K Convention in Philadelphia, D2KLA, S8, S11, S21, S26 and O3 Protests.

From: Zina Kaye


L'audible is a site dedicated to the development of audio culture in Australia. L'audible vas set up in 1997 to use streaming technology to open these sounds to a broader audience, making the underground visible through a new medium.