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Acoustic.Space.Lab is an ongoing process of collaboration between media artists, media activists, communications and information technology engineers, and scientists. This programme aims to develop a cross-disciplinary platform, to explore the social and creative potential of sound and acoustic environments, to formulate relations between data streams and radio waves, and to develop collaborative broadcasting and streaming strategies alongside socially dynamic communication.

We look forward to further Acoustic.Space.Lab events. To keep informed, please subscribe to the XChange mailing list.
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Past Acoustic.Space.Lab events

August 4-12 2001 ::: Acoustic.Space.Lab & presentation, Irbene & Riga, LV
September 8 ::: Signal Server Performance by Project Atol, Riga, LV
September 9-11 ::: Acoustic.Space.Lab workshop, RIXC, Riga, LV
September 26-7 ::: Acoustic.Space.Lab workshop, V2, Rotterdam, NL
September 30 ::: "Wireless Taps & Shortwave Commotions" presentation, V2, Rotterdam, NL
February 8-9 2002 ::: Acoustic.Space.Capsule Sound Installation by Derek Holzer, Kunstfabrik, Berlin, DE


Ongoing ::: Audio, Video & Web projects using raw materials gathered at the dish. Participation by invitation. For more info, contact:

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